Travel Information

Information for CBE Guests and Seminar Speakers

Detailed information regarding business travel to UCSB and CBE is provided in the 4 sections below.


For any questions about your visit & seminar, please contact:
Angelina Toporov
Bioengineering Graduate Emphasis Coordinator
atoporov [at]
(805) 893-4326

For guests of Mellichamp Chairs Profs. Otger Campas and Cherie Briggs, please contact:
Ruby Holder
MCC Administrative Assistant
rmojarro [at]
(805) 893-2954

1. The UC system has detailed policies regarding travel reimbursements, please be sure to review sections 1 and 4 below to avoid any issues.
2. Per UC policy, all travel reimbursement claims must be submitted to the CBE offices within 30 days of the completion of your trip in order to receive a reimbursement.

1. Travel

The Center for Bioengineering offers two options for arranging travel. CBE staff can make airline reservations on your behalf and the expense can be direct billed to our funds OR visitors can arrange their own travel and will be reimbursed post visit once receipts are turned in.

Air travelers

Per UC travel policy:

 We can only reimburse coach class or economy tickets.

Airline receipts must include itinerary, total cost, and proof of purchase (e.g. visa xxxx xxxx 1234).

 You can purchase airfare through sites like Expedia and Kayak as long as it meets the above two requirements, but you cannot purchase packaged deals (airfare and rental car). Do not purchase anything from Hotwire as they do not show a breakdown of expenses.

 Multi-destination trips that involve stops not related to UC business are not reimbursable, e.g. stopping at a conference on your way back from your engagement at UCSB. If you have a situation such as this, please contact CBE directly before booking your tickets.

If your airfare exceeds $700, please contact CBE for approval before booking your ticket. If CBE staff is arranging your air travel, visitors will review the suggested itinerary before ticketing. 

The Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) is directly next to UCSB and many airlines fly into it. Alternately, you can fly into LAX and take the Airbus to the Goleta drop off. If you are concerned about delays into or out of Santa Barbara, be aware that San Francisco, Denver and Chicago can have delay issues. Phoenix and LA are more reliable connectors.

Local transportation

UCSB and the hotel we generally use (Best Western South Coast Inn) are both within 2 miles of the Santa Barbara Airport, and a car is not needed for your visit. Our preferred hotel provides a free shuttle to the airport, campus, and the Goleta train station between 7:30am and 10:00pm, or you can use a taxi.

  • You can request a BW hotel shuttle for SB airport pick up by calling the hotel directly at 805-967-3200
  • When requesting a BW hotel shuttle to or from campus, please contact CBE first to find out the best drop-off or pick-up point on campus based on your visit schedule.
  • For taxi service you can contact Paradise Cab Co. at (805) 377-1112 (call or text). Also, there are usually taxi’s queued at the airport.

Rental cars are not reimbursable unless there is a provable need, e.g. it is your mode of transportation for your visit to UCSB, or it would be less expensive than other modes of local transportation, such as using a taxi. Due to the strict UC auto rental policies, if you feel you need a rental car during your visit, please contact CBE before making any reservations.


Amtrak runs multiple trains daily into and out of Santa Barbara and Goleta. We recommend all train travelers use the Goleta (GTA) stop, as the Santa Barbara stop is 10 miles from the University. If you are staying at the BW South Coast Inn, they offer a free shuttle that will pick up and/or drop off at the Goleta Amtrak station.

Personal Automobile Travelers

The personal mileage reimbursement rate is 57.5 cents a mile (this includes gas and wear). You must have liability insurance if you use a personal auto and provide your vehicle license plate number for mileage reimbursement.

Campus parking

Please notify Angelina or Ruby if you will be parking a personal vehicle on campus. A parking permit can be arranged for you to park on campus in a lot nearest your host's office.

2. Lodging

The hotel we generally use is the Best Western Plus South Coast Inn in Goleta. A reservation will be made on your behalf by CBE staff.

Telephone: 805-967-3200
Address: 5620 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117

Once we have your travel dates, we will make a reservation under your name and a confirmation will be forwarded to you. Your local accommodation expense will be billed directly to the Center for Bioengineering unless otherwise arranged, however, any incidentals (such as room service) must be paid directly by you. Incidental expenses may be claimed as travel expenses if reimbursable under UC policy. Incidental expenses include tips or fees for services such as baggage handlers, waiters, etc.

Amenities at this hotel include a complimentary breakfast and in-room high-speed wireless internet, a pool/hot tub, and free shuttle (7:30am – 10:00pm). The hotel is located near multiple restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores, all located within walking distance on the same street.

Note: If you depart Santa Barbara in the afternoon, you can bring your luggage with you and we can store it in the CBE offices.

3. Schedule, Seminars and Meetings

Schedule and Meetings

If it has been arranged with your host as part of your visit, a personalized visitor schedule will be sent to you shortly before your travel dates.

Seminar Presentation

If you are giving a seminar, please bring your own laptop, adapters, and anything else you feel is necessary for your presentation. We do have a combo power point remote/laser pointer and Mac adapter available if needed. Your seminar presentation, including the question-and-answer period, should last 60 minutes.

If you need audio, internet connectivity, or a microphone (not necessary unless you are a very soft speaker), or have any other special need, please let your host know ahead of time so we can make sure everything is set up for your talk.

4. Reimbursements

As UCSB is a publicly funded institution, we have very specific reimbursement policies for travel expenses. Detailed instructions and forms will be sent to you after your visit is completed. They can also be downloaded here. Per UC policy, all travel reimbursement claims must be submitted to our offices within 30 days of the completion of your trip in order to receive a reimbursement. To make sure you have everything required please keep the following points in mind:


All transportation receipts must be itemized, include a total amount paid, and the method of payment. If a credit chard was used, proof of purchase must be included (e.g. visa xxxx xxxx 1234). Electronic receipts are accepted for airfare and intercity transportation if they were purchased online.

Airfare documentation must also include the travel itinerary

Rental car documentation must also include the complete rental contract

Meals & Incidentals

UC Policy allows up to $71 per day of actual expenses for meals and incidentals while on travel status within the US. You can submit itemized receipts, or keep a meal log. If you keep a log and there is a question regarding an expense, be prepared to supply the original itemized receipt. Any individual expense over $75 requires an itemized receipt. Incidental expenses include tips or fees for services such as baggage handlers, waiters, etc.

Miscellaneous Expenses

These include parking, hotel internet, baggage fees, etc. Itemized receipts with proof of payment are required for these expenses.

Did You Lose a Receipt? 

If you are claiming an expense that requires an itemized original receipt and you lost the receipt or don't have an itemized receipt you will need to fill out a Lost Receipt Form in order to be reimbursed for the expense. Please include the completed and signed form with the rest of your reimbursement documents.


Your hotel room and taxes will be billed directly to the Center for Bioengineering unless otherwise arranged.

Your Reimbursement

You will be reimbursed by check for your travel expenses once your paperwork clears the CBE financial office and the UCSB accounting office. This generally takes 2-3 weeks if all information is correctly submitted.